Not All Clothing Can Survive a Wash Cycle

Bring your delicate garments to our dry cleaners in Lansing, MI

Certain fabrics are sensitive to water and chemical detergents, so you don't want to throw them in the wash. For example, silk can fade, wool can shrink and suede can fall apart. If any of your clothes are made from delicate fabrics like these, bring them to Frandor Tailor & Cleaners in Lansing, MI.

Our dry cleaners will take good care of your garments. In fact, your clothes will look brand-new when we're through cleaning them. We can also help restore your leather products.

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About Frandor Tailor & Cleaners

Frandor Tailor & Cleaners is a family-owned and -operated business that helps Lansing, MI area residents preserve their dressiest clothes. We can tailor formal wear, business attire and children's clothing to fit the wearer perfectly.

No need to replace your entire wardrobe - we can alter your clothing if...

  • You've gained or lost weight
  • Your child has had a growth spurt
  • You want to personalize your clothes

Our tailors can add custom collars, cuffs and monograms to dress shirts, as well as mimic the style of designer suits. Reach out today to learn about your customization options.

Take advantage of our delivery services

Maybe you can't swing by Frandor Tailor & Cleaners when your clothes are ready - no problem. Our dry cleaners can deliver your clean clothes to your location.